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Pedagogy of Plagiarism FIG


Courtesy of Nina Paley, CC-BY-SA,
Paley believes copying is an act of love.

What's it all about?

"Academic honesty," "cheating," and "plagiarism" are terms at the heart of a national conversation. On college campuses and in the media, technology is often characterized as a pervasive threat to academic integrity, giving easy access to cheaters and tempting the innocent to defer their better judgment. The Pedagogy of Plagiarism (PoP) Faculty Interest Group (FIG) invites faculty and staff to join us in discussing the issue.

Are the core principles of our academic institutions in danger? Is academic integrity disintegrating, or is it changing shape? What responsibilities should educators and students assume given the shifting nature of our technological contexts? What forms of response, including policy and procedure but not limited to them, can we develop for the classroom and across the curriculum?

In addition to primary texts, we’ll discuss questions of academic honesty presented on various media platforms, in differing theoretical contexts, and within a variety of scholarly and artistic practices.