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New York Times - Online Access: The New York Times

New York Times - Free Access!

Thanks to the efforts of the CUNY libraries, complimentary access to The New York Times digital edition is now available to anyone with a valid email address.

To claim your academic pass:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register and follow the instructions to create a account using your BMCC email address.
  3. At the bottom of the Welcome page, click Continue.
  4. You will then see a Check Your Email message. Look for a "Confirm Your Email Address" message, which should arrive to your BMCC email within 15 minutes. If you do not get a confirmation email, check your spam filter. If you still do not receive it, send an email from your BMCC email account to
  5. Click on the link in the confirmation email to activate your subscription.
  6. Once you have created an account, always use your BMCC email address to log in to your account at


What does your academic pass include? Your academic pass provides you access to and New York Times smartphone apps that can be downloaded from or for free from your service's app store. (It does not include the New York Times tablet apps, but you can access the tablet-friendly using your tablet's browser. It also does not include e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords, or New York Times Crosswords apps.)

Ongoing use: Your subscription will last 52 weeks (364 days) from your sign-up date and can be renewed again for free with your CUNY email address next year. If for any reason within a year after you sign up, you are served the message on that you have reached the limit of free articles on the site, make sure you are logged into with your school email address.

What if you already have an account associated with your BMCC e-mail address. Do you need to create a new account to claim an Academic Pass?

No, log in to your account and then visit You will be asked to confirm your e-mail address.

Canceling an existing subscription: If you already have an annual subscription to the New York Times with your BMCC email address, you can cancel it and receive a refund. Note that you may not want to cancel a personal subscription if it includes features not included with the Academic Pass (e.g., print edition delivery or tablet app). If you wish to continue your own access (for example, If you get the print edition with online access), but also want to use the BMCC version, we suggest you change your original subscription to a personal email address. 

Accessing older New York Times articles: Access to articles on for the date range 1923 to 1980 is limited to 5 articles for your annual subscription period. However, the John Jay College Library provides full access to New York Times Historical File with digitally reproduced pages from every issue starting in 1851.

The New York Times Academic Pass is provided for all CUNY students, faculty, and staff by the CUNY Libraries.

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