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Speech Resources Guide:

What's Here

This is a general guide, for any student who is looking for speech resources.   

How to find a topic

Think of something you know a lot about, like a hobby, or something you want to learn more about. Keep in mind that finding sources is much easier if your topic isn't obscure. Read a newspaper or watch the news to find out what issues are hot and talked about a lot.

Additional Resources:

  • Speech and Term Paper Topics - get ideas for a speech topic.
  • Opposing Viewpoints - books on current topics like abortion, the death penalty, gambling, and much more. Search the Library Catalogfor books to check out.
  • Lamm, Kathryn (1995). 10000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports and Speeches. New York: ARCO.
    Location: Stacks - LB 1047.3.I35 1998

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