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LAT 475 - Prof. Anderson: Welcome

Where are we going?

Main goal: A recommended set of research strategies for this assignment.


Your write-up must include in-text citations as well as a separate reference page with 10-12 scholarly sources (you may use 2 references from course material articles).  …  Do not use sources more than ten years old.  Scholarly sources include, but are not limited to academic journal articles, books, chapters in books, dissertations, and published reports (from federal sources or international non-profits like the UN, WHO, IMF etc.).  Do not cite popular press articles, websites, or lectures as your sources, but they may be used as additional sources.  You may use websites as references for images only and they should be listed at the end of your references.


  The reference list should be properly formatted according to Chicago or APA style guidelines (see style guide on Blackboard)

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