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HUM 411 - Prof. Rose: Welcome

Where are we going?

Main goal: A recommended set of research strategies for this assignment.


  • How to find two peer reviewed article in Human Services.
  • How to find newspaper articles. 
  • How to identify good organizational websites.


Find Organizational Websites

It looks like a perfectly simple task.  Searching the web ....

The difference between a good result and a GREAT result?  

Learn to look at each webpage critically.  

Can you figure out who is behind the page? Look for the button that says "Contact Us" or "About Us."  Sometimes it's in the header (at the top) and sometimes it's at the bottom, but it is almost always there. 

Look at the address for the website.  Does it make sense?  This a way find the difference between personal projects and real live organizational websites.  

Your Information Wrangler

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