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HED 230 - Prof. Shneyderman: Welcome


This guide for Prof. Shneyderman's HED 230 course provides information and resources for completing your assignments. The resources in this guide will help you locate, assess, and cite outside sources. Use the menu tabs above to navigate through guide.

The challenge

Your cousin is a lawyer, but she doesn’t have time to research her personal health. She has asked you to answer one of the following questions for her:

  • Does taking antioxidant supplements reduce the chances of future disease?

  • Does following the Mediterranean diet help people lose weight or maintain a healthy weight?

  • Does chiropractic care reduce back pain and headaches?

Since your cousin is a lawyer, she will only believe your answer if you provide her with evidence. Thus, you will need to find three (3) original research papers that can help you formulate an answer to the question. 

Your Librarian

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Jean Amaral
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