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LAT/ ANT 200 - Prof. Anderson: Welcome

Where are we going?

Main goal: A recommended set of research strategies for this assignment.


"You must incorporate at least 15 scholarly sources (journal articles, books, government documents, etc.), 5 of which can be from the course readings.  You may include additional non-scholarly sources beyond the required ones with instructor approval."


Your group must create an NGO report about this minority group that contains information including the following:

  • reasons for migrating and how they entered
  • demographic information about country of origin (education, healthcare, language, etc.)
  • locations of largest migrant populations
  • agencies/organizations and other resources needed to assist group
  • current state policies for these populations (ex.: are they classified as refugees, court cases involving these groups, etc.)
  • information on the population in the U.S.
  • established scholars/experts who work with these groups
  • other material considered relevant to understanding the group
  • visuals supporting your findings

Finding cool graphics

Finding Government Information

An interesting report from the National Archives